The Blake Project.

CASH-The Blake Project
New EP from GA emcee, CASH titled The Blake Project! It's a conceptual project where every song on the project samples British artist, Jame Blake. When CASH first told me of this project, I was interested to see how exactly he would interpret Blake's music so that it would fit his own musical style. And I was excited cause I just love James Blake. I've heard plenty of people remix, sample, and flip some James Blake, especially his hit, The Wilhelm Scream. People wore that shit out, but it's still dope as hell. I think it was brave of CASH to take on an artist who's style is completely different than his own and he pulled it off. He brought great energy to the songs and he had substance to his lyrics. Really amazing collaborative project. Congrats to CASH, mission accomplished. If you're a big fan of CASH, James Blake, or neither of them cause it might be your first time hearing of them-check out The Blake Project. You will enjoy it!

CASH's The Blake Project EP
8/10 dope points

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