Cosmic Angel.

New mixtape from Mykki Blanco titled Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss! 'Tape includes production from Brenmar, Le1f, Gatekeeper, Nightfeelings, and more! Also includes an artist feature from Le1f.

Where has this mixtape been all my life??? Blanco is the truth! If you have been listening to me when I have been telling you to check out Mykki Blanco, you would be just as excited as I am listening to this project. Like Mykki is one of my favorite rappers out right now, hands down. Do you hear this shit? Shit is fucking amazing. From the raw, in-your-face lyrics, the sassy yet trill flow, and the go hard production-this shit just makes sense! I know, Mykki is a guy in 6 inch heels and talks about things that many just can't understand or feel comfortable about, but the music is dope as fuck. You probably are thinking to yourself, "How can I even like this?" Well friends, not only can you like it, you can love it. I love this project, I love the videos that I've seen from Mykki so far, Mykki Blanco is my Beyonce! This project goes so fucking hard-OMG PEOPLE JUST LISTEN TO IT! AND EN-FUCKIN-JOY!!! ...I can't even write a proper review on this. I'm just so turnt up right now.

Mykki Blanco's Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss mixtape
9.8/10 dope points

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