Dope Dealers: Item 9.

New mixtape from NYC emcees, A.Jay.D and TyPhilly (of MiLKMEN) titled Dope Dealers: Item 9! Mixtape includes production from Robi, The Vamp, and 17H! This project is a dose of dope to hold the people as the emcees prepare to drop new solo projects. 

I really, REALLY, really like this project! I'm a fan of both A.Jay.D and TyPhilly and their collaborations have always been dope. So when they said they were putting out a whole project, I expected nothing but amazing music and I was excited. Item 9 was well crafted. I love how they used the movie, Pineapple Express as a back story for the project. And the emcees just went the fuck in! Like there was no holding back when it came to the their lyrics and flow. I feel like this is A.Jay.D and TyPhilly at their best, and they are only going to get better. The production was ill as well. Oh, and the rock version of Dope Dealers? Yesssss!!! Overall, Item 9 is that dopeshit for your musical veins and A.Jay.D and TyPhilly killed it! Don't miss out on some dope music, get into this!!! Enjoy!

A.Jay.D x TyPhilly's Dope Dealers: Item 9 mixtape
9/10 dope points
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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