New mixtape from 16 year old Maryland emcee, Dame Fam titled Invierno. Project includes some dope, familiar production and an artist feature from JordanTeSean. Dame describes this project as his "story of a lost teen".

This is my first time hearing of Dame Fam and hearing any of his music. As I pressed play, I didn't expect to hear the talent that I did. Dame considers himself a "newbie" but it's obvious that he has been practicing his ass off! Practicing to the point that he could pull off a really dope and solid project such as Invierno. Sometimes I start to listen to projects and by the third track, I'm over it. But I listened to this whole project because track after track, I was curious to hear what he was capable of doing next. I never discredit young emcees cause the game right now has some truly dope and young talent, such as Casey Veggies and Joey Badass. Age really ain't nothing but a number anyways. 

I love the the production he chose to take on and make his own. And the fact of the matter is, Dame can fucking rap! Is he the illest rapper out right now? No, but he's pretty fuckin' dope for a "newbie" and he has mad potential to possibly one day be one of the illest around. I like this guy and I'm really intrigued by his talent. If Dame keeps the grind alive and continues to give the people dopeness like Invierno, he then has a bright ass future ahead of him in this industry. People, the project is worth a listen from you-you know what you need to do now. Tell'em Es sent you. Enjoy!

Dame Fam's Invierno mixtape
8.8/10 dope points

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