Michigan Autumns: Ballad of Adam Reverie.

New mixtape from Michigan's own, Adam Reverie titled Michigan Autumns: Ballad of Adam Reverie! It's his second full length project release. Tape includes 11 tracks with production from Wyle Hunnit, Dakta, Kahzee, DJ iShine, and more. Also includes an artist feature from Wyle Hunnit. 

I'm pretty brand new to Adam Reverie and his music but I've truly enjoyed what I've heard from him before this project dropped. His style is unique and I really fuck with him as far as his lyrics and subject matter in his music goes. Reverie is no average dude doing this rap shit, he truly has talent. As for as Michigan Autumns goes, I'm really feeling this project. I feel like the title set the vibe for the entire project. It's a really chill project. He truly made a ballad with rap music. Tracks like Well Do That and Spirit of Hallows Eve gave the project a nice smooth bounce, which created some variety in the vibe. And can I just say the production on this 'tape is so on point. Much respect to the producers of this project. 

I think that one strength that Adam Reverie has as an artist is that he knows how to put together one hell of a project. And that is something that too many artists lack. The flow, vibe, and concept of Michigan Autumns is well done and commendable. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a well done tracklist! But this project literally makes me feel like I moved to Michigan for the fall. I see a Michigan autumn when I listen to this project and I've never even been there. In conclusion, this release solidified my stance as a fan of Adam Reverie and this project is about to be on repeat! If you want some dope music to rock with when the air is chilly and the leaves fall, do yourself a favor and get Adam Reverie's Michigan Autumns: Ballad of Adam Reverie!

Adam Reverie's Michigan Autumns: Ballad of Adam Reverie mixtape
9.7/10 dope points

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