The Lion King.

New EP from Money Makin Nique titled The Lion King! It's consists of 5 tracks where Nique took on Araab Muzik production. For some, this EP may be an introduction to Nique as an artist and just a taste of his dopeness. And for others, this is a reminder that he's still killin' it and hard at work. For me, being the fan and supporter that I am of his, this EP is a tease! I'm sorry, I'm gonna be selfish-I WANT MORE!!! I know it's an EP, but I really want more! Like Nique is the fuckin' truth! Like he's so good at this shit, his greatness might go over a few niggas' heads. 

I really like him on some Araab Muzik production, it's a great fit. The energy and just technic Araab puts into his beats matches well with Nique's raw vocal and amazing lyrical ability. Like this EP is so fucking good, I just want more of it! Is there like a part two in the works or something?! Damn, this is ill. Please people, don't sleep on Nique! And he's like even doper live! Omg! I just can't wait for him to blow. But yea, check this EP out and enjoy-you'll be thanking me later on Twitter, watch! Lol Shout out to MoneyMakinBros as well! Enjoy people!

Money Makin Nique's The Lion King EP
9/10 dope points

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