Window Seat.

New free album from GA artist, SUBMiT titled Window Seat! It's his first full length album and includes artist features from Pharoh, Zip Kennedy, Fuze The MC, J.Nolan and more! Production is handled by Odd Couple and SUBMiT himself! 

I was one of the lucky few who got to hear this album before most, so I've been bumping it for a while now. I love this album! It raised my level of respect and love for SUBMiT to a whole new level. He truly takes you on this ride with him and as literal as the story may be told throughout the project, the meaning behind the story is something we can all relate to. With albums like Kendrick's debut and now Window Seat, I am loving that artists are going back to the roots of music and are telling stories with it. Crafting projects like these are not easy at all and I appreciate those who take time out to give us such amazing, memorable work.

If I had to describe SUBMiT's music, especially with this album, in one word it would be, quality! You will never get some bullshit song from him. It may not be your cup of tea at the moment, but you can't deny the amount of talent and skill that goes into each and every one of his songs. There are some many emotions/vibes that SUBMiT gave us in this album yet the flow, lyrics, production was also superb track to track. I just have to note that the song, Hometown Hero is probably my favorite off the album. Not only did he do a dope job of incorporating a sample of Adele's Hometown Glory but I just love that he is repping the shit out of his city. Northside of ATL gets little to no love from the ATL music scene and I'm glad they have such talent like SUBMiT coming out of there. It's dope and it's needed. I loved the features! I mean he had Pharoh, J.Nolan, and Fuze The MC-if you know me, you know I freakin' love those guys! 

Overall, this album consists of really good music. I don't want to be corny and say, "There's something on there for everyone!" But honestly, this project will appeal to a wide range of people. SUBMiT is that dude, so stop sleeping on him/denying it. Check out Window Seat and get into this!!!!

SUBMiT's Window Seat album
10/10 dope points

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