New video from VA's own, Phil The Thrill for his single, 730! It's off his upcoming project, sleepLESS! Video is directed by Brian Jones and the track is produced by Sarkiss. Yayyyy, we got some new Phil The Thrill! 730 is all about the struggle between reality vs fiction when you're on the come up. Who really fucks with you, is this "good opportunity" even real?-things of that nature. I think it's something we all go through but artists on the rise really have to deal with this shit and I like how Phil expressed his own struggle with it. Some rappers would have made a serious, intense track for this concept but Phil kept it real and still managed to give the track some great energy. I'm excited for this next project of his-I really want that tie dye hoodie he rockin'. I just had to put that out there. Lol Anyways, sleepLESS drops in 2013 but you can check out the video now! Enjoy!

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