Check out the latest project from iLL CAMILLE titled iLLUSTRATED! The project includes features from BJ The Chicago Kid, Punch, Javonte, Tay Walker, Rapsody, and more. When it comes to the project, the emcee states,"I did iLLUSTRATED  to dig deeper into who I am as an artist of course, but I am a person first... I am just a regular human being, and I hope people hear that in the music above all else."

I've heard of iLL CAMILLE for a while but I've just recently got around to listening to her work. I'm oh-so-picky when it comes to liking lady emcees but it's because I want them to be so dope, that we don't even have to mention that they are a lady and not a guy like the majority of rappers out now or that ever was. I want them to stand out for more than just their gender in this game. And CAMILLE is definitely an artist that has us focus on her talent  rather than her gender. 

iLLSTURATED is a dope project. I love that CAMILLE opened up her heart and mind to us throughout the whole project and it didn't come off as another rapper expressing their emotions and telling us how sad they are. She was just real with us in every song on the project. She expressed what makes her happy, inspires her, and what she's been through. She accomplished her goal of expressing to us that she is very human. When an artist, that has such a track record of working alongside other dope artists, can just bare their soul to us, that's beautiful and rare and should be appreciated. With that said, iLL CAMILLE knows what the fuck she's doing and she's damn good at it. Experience something amazing and give iLLUSTRATED a listen- and a download too!

9.7/10 dope points

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