Long Live A$AP.

New video from Harlem's own, A$AP Rocky for his single, Long Live A$AP! It's off his debut album of the same name. Video is directed by Samantha Lecca and Rocky himself. This video is so hard! It's the cleanest, trippiest, trillest video I've seen in a while. They went  in on these visuals. I know that when it comes to his videos, Rocky strives to go beyond our idea of what a typical rap video should be, but this is the first video of his that executes that mission well. This video is like Tim Burton's version of Alice In Wonderland meets some twisted rock video, with just hints of trill. I can't take it-this video is epic! 

People can hate on Rocky all they want, but I applaud the dude for striving to be more that what people expect him to be. He may not be greatest lyricist or the dopest performer but as a whole package, A$AP Rocky is pretty dope. But that's just my humble opinion. Press play and enjoy! ...I really love this video.
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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