Misguided Dreamers.

New EP from Delaware's own, K.Rivers and Aris Sparks titled Misguided Dreamers! The EP includes production from Formula4d, D Tracks, Jinesis, Kenneth Cartel, and PC Beats. 

Do y'all know how long I've been waiting for this project?! And then they just gonna drop it on Christmas without even warning me-ugh! But aye, it's here! First time I ever heard of K.Rivers and Aris Sparks is when they sent me the video for Red Cups & Fornication, which is still my shit! These two guys are some exceptional emcees and know how to make some dope music, but I was curious to see what kind of project they would deliver with a title like Misguided Dreamers

But as described by the emcees, "[the EP] gives two different perspectives on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness." The title of the project fits the music very well and I thought it was dope that they were able collaborate on each track yet maintain their individuality and tell their personal stories. K. Rivers and Aris Sparks fit well together musically and I love what they create together just as much as I love what they create individually. Two amazing emcees, with a project that has dope vibes and great meaning behind it. Do yourself a favor and check out Misguided Dreamers

K.Rivers x Aris Sparks' Misguided Dreamers EP
9.4/10 dope points

Check out their latest video, Falling Apart: A Music Short Film, directed by Karl Lunsford
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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