The Honor System.

New project from GA artist, Cooley Savant titled The Honor System! The project includes production and contributions from Nate Kodi, Big Rec, Judah Akeem, and more. The consists of three concepts: human nature, finding peace, and nature itself. This is Cooley's third project out.

Cooley Savant has always caught my attention with her work but I think that The Honor System has solidified me as a fan of hers. She truly showcased her talent and inspirations through this project. I love that she tackled this project in a way that will make you not only hear what she has to say, but also see what she sees. The three concepts of the project were brought out more through the vibe of the whole project which allowed her to still touch on subjects that we are able to relate to more. 

When it comes to lady emcees, they often just come off as girls trying to prove they can rap-and that's it. But when it comes to Cooley Savant, she comes off as a young artist with a beautiful story to tell. The Honor System is an amazing chapter of that story of hers and I'm glad she shared it with us. This soulful and enchanting (oh yeah, I said "enchanting") project deserves a listen from you. Enjoy the ride.

Cooley Savant's The Honor System LP
9/10 dope points

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