The Upbringing.

New LP from J.Nolan and Yung B Da Producer titled The Upbringing! Also known as The Manifest Movement, this is the duo's first project out together. The sound of the project is inspired by prior epic duos such as Mobb Deep and Raekwon & Ghostface Killah. 

The Upbringing serves as a good introduction to The Manifest Movement. The emcees arrived on these tracks with something to prove. I like that I hear the hunger in their voices but also the confidence in their lyrics. This LP has that late 90's/early 00's up North rap feel to it, which creates a nostalgic vibe for those of us who grew up on it. You can tell that J.Nolan and Yung B were inspired by the era rather than making this LP come off has a blunt reproduction of the albums back then. Gotta love it when emcees bring out that raw Hip Hop within themselves as well. I would like to hear a sound that's a bit different and unexpected from the emcees, but I really did enjoy this LP. Everyone, check out the LP and get familiar with The Manifest Movement!

J.Nolan x Yung B Da Producer's The Upbringing LP
8.5/10 dope points

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