We Ain't Niggers.

New video from GA emcees, Steve Cantrell & David Luke for their single, We Ain't Niggers, featuring A'Lex & Joe Henson! It's off their upcoming collaborative EP, Thoughts After Second Thoughts. I appreciate and respect the message of this song and video. Some people feel like "It's 2013! Why are still talking about shit like this?" Well because it's 2013 and shit is still happening due to what happened decades ago. Yes there has been progress but not enough. Some artists feel like they have to "sell out" and make songs about nonsense to make it big and sometimes, that is exactly the case. But for artists like Steve Cantrell, David Luke, Joe Henson, and A'Lex, who aren't afraid to speak on subjects that are very real to us as a society, I hope more people appreciate them and their artisty. I love this song and video and all 4 artists killed it on this track. I applaud them all. Press play and appreciate this.

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