Rihanna x River Island Collection.

Check out the latest collection from Rihanna that she did with UK based brand and store, River Island. The collection premiered at London Fashion week recently. Rihanna filled the collection with solid bold colors, edgy prints, crop tops, high slit skirts and more. Pretty much, she made a collection of her everyday attire. 

I like the pieces and I especially like how they were styled. I love the deep navy blue pieces and the bold yellow ones as well. I would like to see Rihanna do more collaborations. I think if she had her own clothing line, she would go HAM and it would be all over the place. But when she collaborates, she is able to express her personal style and taste in a constructive manner, and it works. 

Rihanna for River Island will be available in store and online 3.5.13. 
For more on the collection, check out: http://www.riverisland.com/rihanna-for-river-island !
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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