Check out the latest project from Nashville based emcee, Rikki Blu, titled XXXIII! The project is entirely produced by Cody Jordan and includes artist features from Isaiah Rashad, Michael Da Vinci, Rayna, Matic Lee, Tim Gent, and Jake Austin. 

Honestly, I'm just getting hip to Rikki Blu. I like what I have heard from him thus far. XXXIII is a pretty good project and I liked what he had to say with each track. XXXIII is a very personal, introspective piece of work. Rikki had certain things that he wanted to say with this 'tape and it wasn't the typical bullshit we hear from an artist on the come up. I appreciate the raw and direct approach to music that Rikki takes. And speaking of raw, I love Rikki's voice/tone. That's where the gold truly is when it comes to him as an artist. He could read the Yellow Pages on a beat and it would sound like the realest shit he ever wrote. His voice makes you pay attention to what it is that he's saying. 

On the other hand, I would say that XXXIII would have been really amazing if it had less tracks. A lot of the tracks sound too similar to be on the same project together. When the tempo to the production and the subject matter are the same, songs will just end up all sounding alike. Ten songs, Rikki would have gotten his story across without the project sounding manotaness.

Overall, XXXIII is a solid project. I think it's a great introduction for those who may not know of Rikki Blu and want to discover an artist who they can, not only enjoy their music, but truly relate and feel what they have to say. And Cody Jordan is an epic producer. Every beat sounds like an event and I think it's dope that he can bring that energy to his production. I would like to see his evolution as producer in the future. XXXIII deserves a listen from all of us who appreciate a story being told that's similar to our own and  just fucks with some trill ass shit at the end of the day. Check it out and enjoy!

Rikki Blu's XXXIII mixtape
8/10 dope points

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