Green is the title of the latest body of work from Steezy Grizzles. The project includes artist features from Rashad Stark, rMell, Johnny Locus, and much more. Also includes production from Plue Starfox, Logan The Great, DRNRDX, and more. 

First off, I think the cover for Green is fucking awesome! It's like a collage of nostalgia  Secondly, Green has a lot of dope moments in it. Enough moments to provoke me to write about it. Some tracks stuck with me more than others. Such as SNB Anthem II-that track is hard! Both Steezy and Rashad killed it and their chemistry on the track was damn near perfect. And production was good as well. Steezy picked out some good shit to get on and he made each beat fit him. This project in a strange way comes off as a cross between Tyler, the Creator's Goblin album and A$AP Rocky's debut album. But it's some of Steezy's best work and this project shows that he is on the right path to perfecting his own unique style. Feeling green?-check out Steezy Grizzlies' latest project and enjoy!

Steezy Grizzlies' Green mixtape
7.9/10 dope points

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