Paris, Japan.

Take a trip to a new land with Pontiac, MI emcee Gueringer The 13th and producer T.Deezy on their new project, Paris, Japan! Production is completely done by T.Deezy, of course and there's an artist feature from HalleJay. Original artwork is Kevin Purify and it truly expresses to concept of this project. That flag on the cover is hard too. Gueringer and T.Deezy take Parisian and Japanese influences and throw some trill vibes into the entire project. 

This is by far the best body of work I have heard from Gueringer (formally known as J.G.). And this project has some really great production from T.Deezy as well. These two creators working and creating a sound together is really dope. The more work they put out together, the better and doper it is each time. I love that they just created a new place with this project. Just the title, Paris, Japan was dope enough for me. And they didn't just name the project that, they made sure the project embodied that new city. 

Project after project, Gueringer raises the bar for himself and he reaches that new standard with his next project. I can't remember what post it was that I did on him, but I remember mentioning that I wish he would do a little more with his flow. In P,J, he has definitely diversified his flow. There's a lot more complexity and variety to it now. And his lyrics have improved as well. Just on the track, Trill Wave, alone, I can pick out like 5 dope punchlines I will randomly recite-if not more. My only true critique about this project is, I could have done with out the artist feature. No shade to homegirl, but this project could have been even doper if it was just purely Gueringer and T.Deezy. I don't feel that the artist feature on that particular song added anything to it-but that's just me.

For the simple fact that Gueringer went HAM on this project and T.Deezy went in on the production, I feel that we all need to pack our shit and head over to Paris, Japan. There's no need for a plane ticket or passport, just click the link and enjoy the experience! ...I SAID ENJOY!

Gueringer The 13th x T.Deezy's Paris, Japan EP
9.7/10 dope points

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