Po Lil Black Girl.

After a heartfelt single and a "ghetto toy story" as her trailer, Nia Keturah releases her latest body of work, Po Lil Black Girl. Album includes artist features from ABGOHARD, Taahir, Papa Jae, and Ryshon Jones. Production credits go to Wino Willy, A$AP P on the Boards, Shawn Hosea, B00 Radley, Major 118, and more. 

With this being her third project out, I feel like it's more so her third book that she has released. Nia is such a poet first, and artist second, that her music at times takes a little bit more brain power to enjoy-which is dope to me! I've been around people and played her music before and they just comment on the surface things, such as her sweet voice, or dope production. But it often takes a few more listens from them to truly get the message in her music. Unfortunately, people like this make up the majority of the population listening to music these days. But for those who see the art in everything and truly appreciate it, we get the message and feel the poetry after the first listen. I say all of this because I think Nia and her music will get everyone to the point where we can all feel the art at first listen.

With a storyline like three young black girls robbing a trap house and facing the consequences, she gives us something to first grab our attention. Then once she has our attention, she throws in deep meaning to her music, so that by the end of the album, you're left with some food for thought. Even while telling this fictitious story, Nia was able to put some of her own beliefs and experiences, which makes the music still personal.

In a plain musical sense, PLBG has a overall chill vibe to it. Nia was musically in her comfort zone on this album. Surprisingly, I wasn't bored while listening to it. Even with lots of slow and mid tempo tracks, there was still a lot of variety which kept my attention. The features and production were really dope and worked. And even with her working with so many different creative minds, she still made this album sound cohesive. Nia Keturah is rare gem on this music scene and I feel like everyone should take the time to discover and experience her dopeness. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of the moment, Po Lil Black Girl by Nia Keturah. 

Nia Keturah's Po Lil Black Girl LP
9.5/10 dope points

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