The Wood.

Chicago emcee, Dally Auston drops a 6 track EP titled, The Wood EP! This EP serves as a teaser to his forthcoming LP dropping on 3.20.13. Artist feautures include Jean Deaux, Saba, Malcolm London, and Vic Mensa. Also includes production from Thelonious Martin, Smoke Ono, and more. 

Dear Chicago, I think you got one. When I pressed play, I honestly didn't expect to hear the dopeness that bled through the speakers of my laptop. Like the hook to One Two had me hooked. That shit is riding! Fuck Chief Keef (not literally, I don't need GBE coming for me), Dally Auston is who the city needs to be behind. He embodies that unique vibe that is coming out of Chicago right now but he can actually rap! Like he actually has talent! Shocker! Lol but honestly, Dally makes some dope shit. And something about his music reminds me of some 90s Hip Hop such as the Lost Boyz. Dally's music seems very organic, too. I am loving this EP. He was smart in releasing this EP because now I'm so ready to hear his LP. People, don't just read this post and not give The Wood EP a listen. You'll probably being thanking me for this post at the last second of Say Yes. In advance, you're welcome.

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