Translations Through Speakers.

Singer/songwriter/producer, Jon Bellion, has released his debut project, Translations Through Speakers! The free release features his singles, LIFE, The Wonder Years, Dead Man Walking, and includes features from Blaque Keyz. Jon Bellion wrote and produced the entire project himself. 

Translation Through Speakers is soooo awesome! I love the overall carefree vibe it has. This is music that just makes you want to enjoy living life. Yet at the same time, you can reflect on everything that you went through or currently going through, and know it's going to be okay. Bellion has such a beautiful soul and it truly translates through his music. He has great potential to be that next big thing in music, especially within the Pop genre. He possesses all the key attributes that we love in our pop legends but also has all the "I don't give a fuck!" qualities we love in our artists today. 

His lyrics are based on true stories, his production is high quality, and this dude just seems so dope, not only as an artist, but as a person. You feel like your friends with Jon and the first time you met him was when you heard Paper Planes by him. I just adore Jon Bellion and Translations Through Speakers is fucking awesome. I'm just excited to hear more!

Jon Bellion's Translations Through Speakers LP
9.5/10 dope points

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