Purple Haus.

After the ongoing success of his EP, Vice Haus, ATL's own ForteBowie teamed up with Chopstars rep, Slim K for the Chopped, Not Slopped version of the EP now titled Purple Haus! Purple Haus features chopped and screwed versions of all 7 tracks on the EP and includes bonuses such as Something About #Bowie favorite, Impala and the fan favorite loose track, Sephora's Song II

Before, I wasn't the biggest fan of chopped and screwed music, it just didn't appeal to me. After Purple Haus though, I'm all over the web looking for C&S versions of my favorite music. Slim K went HAM! How he added Drake's Trust Issues into Sephora's Song II and the amazing fusion of Take'em To Church and If I Die-like it's just magically. Slim K is talented af and he brought out a completely different kind of dopeness in Forte's music. Whether you're into C&S music or not or not even a ForteBowie fan (which would be silly of you not to be), you're definitely going to want to walk through the doors of Purple Haus. Thank Es Later.  1990 in this hoe!

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