When it comes to the music industry, the youth is on the rise and it appears that we are making some pretty epic art right now. For example, take 15 year old ATLien, Izzy Jone$. The artist/producer released his latest body of work, Squid, this month. The project tells an almost fairytale-like story of a king, his queen, and their experience with love, betrayal, and salvation. In other words, it's Izzy's creative take on his journey into the industry. Project is all Izzy too. No features and production is solely done by him. 

When I read that Izzy Jone$ was 15 years old, I have to admit, I almost didn't bother listening to the project. But Izzy has proven that age truly isn't anything but a number. Squid is one of the most solid I've heard thus far this year. I love the concept behind the project and Izzy executed it well. 

He is a diverse artist that pulls inspirations from various sources. I could list all the artists he sounds like to me, but this post would turn into a four paged letter. His rapping is easy going yet energetic and I love the hints of singing he throws into the songs every now and then. I've listened to this project about 5 times now because I'm just truly trying to grasp the entire experience he has delivered to us. Jone$ has an enormous amount of potential and he evolves fast in his artistry. Did I mention this is like his 12th project out?! So yeah, Jone$' grind is real. People, give the kid an opportunity to turn you into a believer. It'll be worth it. Enjoy!

Izzy Jone$' Squid  album
8.5/ 10 dope points

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