The Mile High Club.

Somewhere in the small state of Delaware, something epic has happened and it's all thanks to K.Rivers, Aris Sparks, Sam Shep, and Kyon Martin also known as UMG! The collective recently released their project, The Mile High Club! Throughout the project, they guide us through the life and times of four aspiring emcees coming from a land where it may seem like nothing happens. Musically, TMHC is diverse in the vibes of the tracks but it's all really dope Hip Hop to enjoy. I really mess with the samples used in many of the songs- classic records. Each emcee was able to showcase their unique styles while still meshing well together as a group. I really enjoyed this record and it makes me want to go to Delaware for a weekend and chill with UMG. Definitely check it out people! Also be sure to check out the video for their song, Cherly Miller ft. Bobby Rrie, off the project below. Enjoy!

UMG-Cheryl Miller
UMG's The Mile High Club
8.8/10 dope points

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