Why Don't We Fall In Love.

We re-visit the year of 2002 in a funky way with the release of Canadian producer, Kaytranada's take on Amerie's deubt hit, Why Don't We Fall In Love! First off, this is one of my favorite songs of all time, so of course I'm going to blog this. And I've been slowly but surely getting hip to Kaytranada's work and he is truly dope. A lot of his production has elements to it that are retro and would probably get our parents to jig a little yet it's refreshing and futuristic almost which turns us up. And he creates these "editions" or remixes to some of the songs we fuckin' love. With this mix though, Kaytranada earns major respect points from me. Salute, bruh. Oh and by the way, yes I freakin' love this mix! Check it out and fall in love again! ...I need Amerie to come back in the game too. Shooo, Kelis coming back, why not Amerie?!

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