Revolt TV.

Something pretty dope is brewing up. It's something that I feel like we've all wanted and felt that the world needed. It's a revolution. Not just any revolution, but one that WE will control and curate. It gives young innovators and tastemakers the chance to showcase how we see our culture presently and how things should change. Revolt is a new TV Network that will be launching soon, that focuses on music and the culture around it.

This movement is being headed by Diddy, who is someone we've grown up looking up to and has managed to stay relevant in music and culture all these years. It's dope that he sees that something just isn't right when it comes to music and culture nowadays and that he's coming to us for the answers. Revolt is incorporating the work all creators and innovators, such as videographers, music artists, graphic artists, fashion designers, and more. So in a sense, there's no Revolt without us.

I'm excited about this. Like I'm all over it and I hope that Revolt accomplishes what it's out to do and really let's the true leaders of this culture shine. People are kinda on the fence about it right now, but Revolt won't be what you want it to be if you don't become a part of it. If you think like months from now and after their big launch that Revolt ain't shit, it will be our own faults. So I'm with it and I'm ready for this movement to get on and poppin'! Been waiting for something like this for too long.

Here are some videos they have released to spread the word-and they are actually really dope!

Revolution Is Here
State Of Music
Authenticity (w/ Vinny Chase)
Be a part of the revolution and keep up with Revolt at:
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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