Triple Hate.

Came across this 4-part documentary by Vice titled Triple Hate: The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council. The documentary centers around a Memphis park named after a prominent KKK leader, Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Memphis City Council has agreed that the name of the park should be change which ignited a rally by the KKK to happen. When news of the rally spread, Memphis gangs, such as a Grape Street Crips, planned to unite and be against the KKK. Voices from all sides of this story and more are heard within this series. 

Not really going to give me opinion on this issue but I will say that everyone should watch this series. It's very informative and eye opening. Issues that we thought only happened when our parents were kids are still going on today. And for me, it raises the question of, how important is history if it hurts our progress in the future?

Parts I and II are up now and be on the look out for parts III and IV coming soon.
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