Where Art Thou?

Bruh. I know. I haven't blogged since April and it's almost June. This is a problem. Not only for me because there has been so much I wanted to post about for y'all and the itch to write has been too real. But also because, you need to know about some dope music to rock with, especially now that summer has slapped us in the face and is here! So yeah, we need to fix this. And I know you all have some questions for my ass and I'm here to answer them.

Bruh, working. And not just at my 9-5 but at a dope internship and of course with my team, 1990. Also, my internet access has been extremely limited for weeks-but I'm hoping to change that by the end of this week.

2.Where's all this new dopeness you were talking about?
In my email. And if it's truly dope as hell, no matter how late I am on it, I'll post it. Dopeness never expires.

3.So... what's good with No Shade this year?
No Shade is going to happen. That's a given. When and how is still up in the air. And the concept might change just a little. Still gotta meet with some people and see how we're gonna do it. But No Shade will happen whether the blog gods like it or not.

4. Ok, and what about WeAreDope?
That's on hold. Because I want to make it bigger and better-I need time. But trust me, it will be worth the wait.

I hope I answered those main questions some of you may have. And if you have any more for me, hit me up on Twitter at: twitter.com/thegirlEs (follow me too!) or email me at Es@thegirltheycalles.com!

Also, I'm looking for some writers/bloggers/editors/whatever you want to call yourselves. So if interested, let me know!

Es loves you!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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