A Player's Vent.

New visual from Beaumont, TX emcee, Deezy Da Duce for his single, A Player's Vent off his latest EP, The Stay Player EP. Deezy tells us about his own challenges for everyday issues but in the end, he stays true to himself. I think the reason why I think this song/video and Deezy as an artist is because everything seems genuine and not forced. 

I don't know if it's the Texas accent or his cool demeanor but the music and what he's saying never comes off cliche or like he is bullshitting you. So not only do I like what I have seen from Deezy but I respect his craft. And on a typical rap note, dude can spit and throws in punchlines here and there in the midst of real shit he is telling us. Deezy is one of those artist who show that it isn't always the dog with the loudest bark is the one with the biggest bite. It's not all showy and glitz and gold chains. It's just some real life shit you can feel. I highly advise y'all to rock with this. Press play.

Check out Deezy Da Duce's EP, The Stay Player EP, here (its dope af too!)!

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