A Thousand Prayers.

Michigan emcee, Gueringer The 13th takes a cinematic approach to his latest video for his song, A Thousand Prayers. The track is off his project, Paris, Japan and the video is directed by MBM. The sinister short film depicts one of the many stages the emcee goes through as he leaves his former persona, J.G., behind to become Gueringer The 13th. Not to give a spoiler alert, but I really hope there's a part two to this visual because that middle portion of the video was kinda like a "cliff hanger". What the hell really happened and what happens next? But well done to Gueringer and MBM for these dope visuals. Very interesting vibe and I fuck with it. Be sure to check out Gueringer's Paris, Japan if you haven't already, and in the meantime-press play!

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