Black Roses.

Earlier this month, Brooklyn's own, PUSH!, dropped his latest project, Black Roses! The project has 12 tracks including the lead single, Iceman. When this initially dropped and I was not informed, I have to be honest, I felt some type of way. Lol But I caught wind of it and downloaded it immediately. As a fan of PUSH!, I've been waiting for this project for a while and anxious for it's release. Now that it's out and I've been listening to it constantly these past few days, I realize that it was worth the wait.

PUSH! not only gave us all the elements of him as artist that we already fuck with but he showed us another side to him as well. I got a more "emotional" vibe from him in this project. A lot of the songs seemed like confessionals, whether he was talking to his girl, his boys, or even us, the audience. I also heard a battle between love and hate in a sense throughout the project. From a cold blooded song like Iceman to the heartfelt song, Daddy's Girl, he gives all of his perspectives on love and loyalty.

Black Roses has variety in it sonically yet there still is a common theme of PUSH! letting us know what truly goes through his mind and I appreciate that he didn't sugar coat or hold anything back. It's a well constructed project and I am loving what PUSH! is doing with his artistry right now. But next project, I expect an email about it on the release date, PUSH!!! Lol People, experience something real and check out Black Roses!

PUSH!'s Black Roses LP

Here is the visuals for PUSH!'s single, Iceman!
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