Burner On My Side.

No, this song has nothing to do with bread fresh out of the toaster. One of my favorite ladies in the game right now, Miloh Smith talks about another kind of burning in her single, Burner On My Side, featuring ForteBowie. This Vis produced record is off her highly acclaimed (and needs to be revisited by many of us) project, Suite 404. This is like the theme music for a modern day Bonnie of Bonnie & Clyde. Forte's verse is just filled with nostalgia, from Master P to Murder Inc, and of course, he never fails to remind us of his Southside roots. Burner On My Side is one of my favorite tracks off her project and I particularly like to blast this song as I drive past police cars, just to mess with them. Miloh has a lot in store for the people, so keep your eyes and ears on her. MILOH!!!

Bonus: Check out Money Makin' Nique's Pimp C featuring Miloh Smith, here!

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