Dirty White Leathers.

Texan DJ, Sir CRKS takes on the classic track from Philly's own Saudi Money (formally Asaad), Dirty White Leathers. This ironically comes after Saudi has gone through somewhat of a cyber cleanse. Not only has he unfollowed everyone (but his manager and his favorite rapper) on Twitter but he also deleted all of his music off his websites. I guess it was to see how many true fans he has and who would upload all the music he has put out thus far. I honestly don't know what's going on but hopefully he just doesn't stop making music. 

But Dirty White Leathers is not only one of my favs from Saudi but it's the first song I ever heard (and posted) from him. So it's dope that Sir CRKS created a C&S version of it for us Saudi Money fans. CRKS is also gearing up for an entire C&S version of Saudi's latest projects, #ColdBlue titled #ColdPurple, so look out for that. Stack three foam cups, pour up, and enjoy!

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