Moments In the Sun.

In the times when the sun feels closer to us as it's ever been, Houston emcee, Howard Floz drops his season appropriate EP, Moments In the Sun! The EP is entirely produced by Plan and each of the 7 tracks truly feel like a unique moment in the sun (pun totally intended). 

While listening to this project, I felt like I was on a road trip through the desert, slightly delirious from the heat but mentally, in a chill and pleasant place. Floz and Plan made sure you didn't forget the title of this project by ensuring that with each track, you went deeper and deeper into that sunny and chill place in your mind. With this project, it reminded me of why I'm a truly a fan of Floz's and how dope his journey has been as an artist. 

He makes music for us to enjoy, which may seem easy to do to most. But trust and believe that Howard puts a lot of effort into his craft and it pays off. As him and his music progresses, he's proving that there's more to his music than the smoke clouds. There's an art to his shit. A lot of people will be dropping "summer music" till the leaves fall from the trees this season, but only a few will be able to capture that feeling of the warm sun on you that Howard Floz has done with Moments In the Sun. Cheers to more amazing summer music, enjoy!

Howard Floz's Moments In the Sun EP

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