Singer/songwriter, Skye Townsend, is back at it after dropping her EP, Vomit, with a dope track titled X-Talk! Skye re-writes the formula for a typical break up song and takes the role of the lover who refuses to take the title of "Ex". Loving the energy of this track and Skye fits the production so well. X-Talk sounds like cross between a uptempo Santigold track and Beyonce break up song-I really fucks with it.

I'm just going to be straight up, Skye is one of the only chicks out here who could lowkey dominate the music industry just like Beyonce. With her talents, she is shitting on Rihanna and so many other ladies on the scene. So don't count her out. And I'm sure Skye and her team are cooking up a master plan, so if I was fellow songstress on the come up, I would keep my eyes and ears on her-always beware of the competition. For the rest of us, we get to sit back and enjoy all the amazing music she's putting out and look out for more of that on the way. Randomly send an awkward text message to an ex with a link to X-Talk and enjoy! -You lowkey can just send a link to the song, that only could be awkward, yet dope! Lol

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