After vigorously working on a full length album for the people, Atlanta based emcee, J.Nolan has dropped his anticipated LP, Distinction. The project includes singles Made It Out Alive, Fortified MC, and For You. The LP also includes production from oriJanus, Levi Watson, Tuelv, Yung B Da Producer, and more. 

J.Nolan has been working on the project for two years, which is the average time for most people to work on an album-unless you're Rihanna, who drops an album every time she takes a shit. But for an underground artist who may feel like time is of the essence, especially in this quick, digital age of music, that may seem like a long time. I truly appreciate that Nolan took his time with this project because it was totally worth it. Not only has he made a well crafted body of work but artistically, he is in an amazing stage of the development of his own unique sound. 

He never compromises his amazing lyricism but he is willing to give new energy to it. I found Distinction to be nostalgic and refreshing at the same time. This is probably his best project out to date and as a avid fan of his, I'm excited to witness his evolution and enjoy the dope music that comes out of it. This project has something for everyone and I highly doubt anyone would listen to it and not fuck with at least 4 songs off it. So don't miss out on this and check it out!

J.Nolan's Distinction LP

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