Love & Pain.

After much anticipation, JMSN gives us the visuals to his song, Love & Pain. The song is off his album, Priscilla, that was released early 2012. JMSN continues to give life to the album by doing a video for each of the album's songs (if that is still his plan). The video for Love & Pain is directed by Stephen Mallett & Green Glow Films, and below is a bit from the video explanation that JMSN provided:
I think this video was made to show the different things that compile your life. Spirituality/Purpose, Adolescence/Innocence, and Connection/Intimacy. Somehow I think every one thing in your life boils down to something to do with one of these three. So in a sense, this is your world. A constant battle or intersection of these things. You try to find where you fit into these thoughts or ideas. You try to find if any of these things have to do with you at all in the first place. 
This video is so beautiful and thought provoking, as many visuals from JMSN are. How each one of those things were depicted in the video was dope. I've probably said this before, but I truly appreciate that JMSN gives us explanations to his videos. He doesn't have to but I think for his vision and the meaning of the song to be understood as much as possible, these explanations are helpful. And the fact that he provides them to us makes me respect and appreciate him as an artist even more. Overall, JMSN gives us another beautiful body of work. Check it out!

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