Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, music artist Taahir releases the visuals to his single, Nefertiti! The song is off his forthcoming project titled The Balance, that will be presented by Play Cloths. Visuals are directed by Sean Phazes. In Nefertiti, the ending of a love story is depicted as both lovers move on to the next one. The song has a relaxed vibe with reflective lyrics and the visuals match it perfectly. Trust me, that "pre-play image" on the video does not serve justice to how beautiful this video was shot.
This song and video kind of serves as Taahir's debut on the music scene. And it's very rare and unusual of me to be hooked on an artist from one song and video. Like he literally only has this song of his SoundCloud. But I just think his over all style musically is dope. He calls his music "Electro Soul" which suits his music well-well this song at least. I like his voice and his rap verse towards the end of the song was pleasantly surprising. 
Like I see in many artists I come across, I see potential in Taahir. Some artists prove my positive predictions to be true, while others... *sigh*. But something tells me that Taahir has a lot more up his sleeve and that he will continue to pleasantly surprise us on his way to success. We'll see about that though. Taahir's The Balance will be out this summer. Now, watch this dope ass video!
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