NYC's own MILC (formerly known as MiLKMEN) bring us a dose of nostalgia with their latest video, Nineties! The track features Pazo and A.Jay.D and is produced by Robi York. It doesn't get any more 90's than this and I love it! From the production to the flow each emcee had to the multiple references of culture from the decade, this song and video truly takes you back in time. 

I know some people may be sick of all the music and fashion that continue to be inspired by the 90's (especially annoying to those who born late in the decade or after it) but those were such epic years that showcased some of the high points in culture that it's only right to pay homage to them. I will never get sick of the 90s. I blessed to be born and grow up in the decade and I'm grateful for songs and videos like this one from MILC. Press play, reminisce, and enjoy! I really want A.Jay.D's Bayside Tigers shirt!

Also, check out MILC's video for their song, Steez! Love this song!
Watch: MILC-Steez

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