VAlien and emcee, Phil The Thrill, recently moved to further South to Atlanta and expressed his experience thus far with his new song, CH8NGE! The song is Phil's first single off his forthcoming project, Barely Awake II. I see Atlanta becoming the place for aspiring artists what LA is for aspiring actors. It's up and coming and for people coming from elsewhere, the people and culture is different yet dope. It's dope that Phil is down here now (still need to meet up with him!) and so far it seems like he's enjoying himself, but the VAlien didn't lose himself. He's staying true to his VA roots and is continuing the progression of his artistry in it's own unique way. You don't have to be influenced by what's around you, just be inspired by it and Phil is doing that. Barely Awake II should be an interesting project and I look forward to it. Check out the song and enjoy!

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