Ether Visions.

Christmas of 2012, all I wanted was a camera. Canon Rebel DSLR camera to be exact. I was sick of freely renting cameras from my school every time a festival or show came around to take photos and I also wanted to improve my photography skills. So I told my parents if they were planning on getting me anything for Christmas, just get me a camera. They did and I think my mom got me this dope peacoat (that I can't freakin' find!). 

So now I have this camera and I've been going in with the photography. Some of you may already know this due to my posts of exclusive photos from events and video shoots but I capture so many other moments you should all see!
I took to Tumblr to create somewhat of a photo blog/portfolio of my photography. The blog is titled Ether Visions. I thought "photos by Es" was cliche and corny. On Ether Visions, you will see various moments I've experienced and captured with my little "Rebel". From the cloudy skies to curved roads to adorable babies to rappers-you'll see it all!

This post is simply to ask all my beloved readers to check out some original work from me. PLEASE feel free to tell me what you think and if you are a photographer yourself and have any tips or pointers-all advice is welcomed. I'm new to this but I love it!

Also, if you're in Atlanta or the surrounding area and would like for me to capture a few moments of you, hit me up at! I would love to do a shoot with some unique muses. And if you want to see some of my work, look below!
For more photography by me, check out now!!!
All photos are captured & edited by Es Famojure
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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