Fully Automatic Alex.

New visuals from Alex Kidd for his song, Fully Automatic Alex! Song is off his forthcoming project, A.D.D (Art Of Day Dreaming) and the visuals are directed by Kendall Jackson. Video depicts what I would like to call, "doing hoodrat things with your friends in dope surroundings." Visuals compliment the song well as it captures moments of Alex in, out, and around places as if he was travelling through his own thoughts. The song itself is dope. He has so many lines I just want to make into quotes on Tumblr and pass that shit around. Lol 

I really would like to know more about this project of his, especially like when it's coming out! But you know how artists do, give us a taste hear and there until BAM, they drop the dopeness on our ass. Personally, I would like for that BAM moment to happen soon with Alex Kidd, we need it. Press play and enjoy!

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