Gucci Mayne.

The wait is over for the release of the music video to ForteBowie's single, Gucci Mayne! Gucci Mayne is off Forte's EP, Vice Haus that made some noise earlier this year. In this Motion Family directed video, Forte spends the day with five dope ladies doing some unusual activities as he calmly watches through an Storm Trooper mask. 

This video came out so well and thank God because the team put a lot of work into it. It was fun shooting the video and everyone was a pleasure to work with. Word to everyone who has seen the video already and who gets it! FYI, this song is not about Gucci Mane the rapper nor is he in the song/video. Also, the mask has whatever meaning you want it have. It's funny how people think they are thinking deep about things when really, they are just looking at the surface of them. In other words, most people are idiots. I digress. 

ForteBowie will be releasing a deluxe version of Vice Haus with 11 new songs on 9.9.13! Mark that date on your calendars people! Also, Gucci Mayne is now available on iTunes (three different versions and all), so go cop that! But before all that, watch this dope ass video! Enjoy!

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