Miami based visual artist, music producer/DJ, and some much more, GREATeclectic released his second LP titled LARGE FEARS! GREATeclectic collaborated with artists such as Jay Scott, Roz Bell, Corrine Stevie, Jay Boogie, Janay Moon, and more on the LP. LARGE FEARS also includes remixes of tracks from MoXiie. 

GREATeclectic definitely tapped into an introverted side of him and expressed various emotions of his with the songs on this project. Even with a more emotional take on his music, GREAT made sure you still got out of your seat and danced your ass off. I really, really LOVE this project, just like I really loved his other LP, Planet Of The Ape$. GREATeclectic just gets the formula right! The lyrics, the energy, the production-it all makes sense and generates some beautiful music. His music will lowkey make you have an outer body experience or at least make you feel like you're on the greatest high of your life. And the fact that GREAT took a more "emotional" (it's not depressing, emotions are beautiful) approach to the music on the LP will truly have you connect with the songs even more. Perfect project to enjoy as the summer is coming to close. GET INTO THIS and enjoy!

9.7/10 dope points

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