OnCue presents us with his new product in his video, Cereal! Cereal is off his upcoming project, Angry Young Man and is produced by frequent collaborator CJ Luzi. The Adam Ross directed visuals shows how Cuey markets his very own cereal, CueyNuts. I think OnCue has a thing for propaganda and making fun of it and it's quite entertaining. The song itself is dope (did we accept anything less from him though?) but I watched this video over and over again because it's that fuckin' funny. This dude singing in the beginning had me on the floor.

Gotta love music artists who have a great sense of humor and aren't afraid to incorporate that into their work. Anywho, Oncue just recently announced that Angry Young Man drops 11.11.13, so lookout for that! It's time to eat, so check out OnCue's Cereal! ...I wonder if he'll pass out boxes of CueyNuts at his shows. That shit would be fye! Lol

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