Color Outside the Lines.

Enter the lives of multiple legendary and upcoming black tattoo artists in the Miya Bailey produced documentary, Color Outside the Lines. After premiering last year, the doc is available to experience online for free. Color Outside the Lines features multiple tattoo artists (of multiple races) discussing the history of tattooing, the struggle of being black in the industry, differences between tattooing black skin versus white skin, and much more. As you watch this documentary, you will definitely gain a new appreciation for all tattoo artists regardless of race or gender, be memorized by their amazing talent, and think twice about who you let put the needle on your skin.

I don't want to give too many spoilers because this doc is really amazing and I appreciate that fact that its available for all of us to enjoy now. I've always wanted to get some permanent artwork on me, so it's dope to know more about the artists behind the art that others have on them.Whether you have tattoos, want them, or just not into them at all-I highly suggest checking out Color Outside the Lines. On a very general level of whether this documentary is good or not-it's fucking dope. Press play and enjoy!

If you enjoyed the documentary and want your own copy, purchase Color Outside the Lines here!

Directed by: Artemus Jenkins
Conceived and Produced by: Miya Bailey
Music by: Go Dreamer and Brian Sterling of Operation A.D.D./ The Flush
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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