I Like.

Key! is probably one of your favorite songwriters and you don't even know it! Great example of this is his latest release, I Like! This track is one of three songs that Key! wrote for Kid Cudi when presented with an opportunity. But industry shit happened and turns out that the "opportunity" was bogus. In response to this change of fate, Key! decided to drop this song meant for Cudi to the people. 

So as you listen to the track and yell to yourself, "This sounds just like Cudi!!!"-well, it WAS written for Cudi, right? Right. Whether Key! or Cudi are singing the track, this shit is dope! I have it on repeat. And FKi did a great job production wise. At least we know that if Key! is ever presented with a legit opportunity to write for the Moon Man, he will do a damn good job of it. Key!'s album, Fathers Are the Curse is on the way!

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