Mother of George.

 After making quite an impression on multiple critics and winning the Best Cinematography Award (Drama) at the Sundance Film Festival, Andrew Dosunmu's Mother of George will be screening around the country for a limited time!

Here's a synopsis about the film:
Adenike (Danai Gurira, “The Walking Dead”) emigrates from Nigeria to Brooklyn to marry restaurateur Ayodele (Isaach De Bankol√©, charismatic veteran of Claire Denis and Jim Jarmusch films). Following the joyous celebration of their wedding in a gorgeously colorful Yoruba ceremony and their tender wedding night, complications arise. Adenike’s demanding mother-in-law names their not-yet-conceived first son George and expects Adenike to do her duty to the family. Pressure mounts as months pass and the couple fail to conceive a child. The problem defies cultural expectations and devastates the family, leading Adenike to make a shocking decision that could either save or destroy her marriage.
I heard about this film while doing some work for an incentive in Atlanta that I'm working with and was instantly intrigued. Everything about this movie looks beautiful, from the trailer to the movie poster. Being Nigerian, this storyline is very familiar to me not only because of the multiple Nollywood movies I've watched with my parents, but because this is a story that happens in real life in our culture. So I'm excited to this familiar storyline in a refreshing way-and again, the presentation of the movie thus far... BEAUTIFUL!!!

And I'm even more excited to see the movie because of all the Nigerian (and overall African) actors involved. This film has a high level of authenticity when it comes to Nigerian culture which doesn't happen to often when a film about the culture is made outside of the country.

Check out the trailer for Mother of George!
Screenings of Mother of George will be showing all over the country in cities such as, Atlanta (I'll be at the premiere this Friday!!!), NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and more! Go see this movie!!!

For more information and tickets, check out:

In addition, I would like to thank Joshua of Oscilloscope for sending me a legit movie poster for this film! It's so beautiful, I think I might frame it and hang it over my bed. I almost cried when I opened it up. I'm too excited about this film. Can't wait to attend the Atlanta premiere this Friday! ^_^
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