This Is What It Feels Like.

New visuals from LA artist, BANKS for her song This Is What It Feels Like off her EP, London.  The video is minimal yet dope. They really played with angles, natural lighting, and gave the setting of the video this paranormal activity type vibe. It all goes extremely well with the vibe of the song.

I love it when I come across ill music. I've heard of BANKS before but just never got the chance to experience her music until I randomly came across this video. As soon as the beat dropped, I was hooked. And her voice is soft and haunting over the heavy, dark production. And apparently, this is her style musically.

She pulls this shit off well and listening to her EP, London right now (which is only four songs), it's very safe to say that I am hooked. Music like this makes me forever gratefully for my ability to hear. Yes, it's that deep. People, watch the video and definitely google the shit out of BANKS. Enjoy and thank me later.

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