WeAreDope: LudaDay Weekend x GSU Block Party.

So this past Saturday was pretty eventful for me. It was Labor Day weekend and in the ATL, Labor Day weekend means LudaDay Weekend. Yes, the Mouth of the South, Ludacris, takes over the city with various events which this year included a block party at his (and soon to be mine) alma mater, Georgia State University. My brother/artist, ForteBowie was one of the many who took to the stage at GSU and of course, I was armed with the camera ready to start snappin'.

It was hot. Hot as Hades, so I literally took as many photos as I could before I passed out. Also went to the studio with the team, which was interesting... we have really weird, outlandish convos. Lol But it was great seeing the team and everyone again. This is only the beginning of a busy 4th quarter for us. People in photos include ForteBowie, Miloh Smith, Fort Knox, and more.

Ground breaking photography after the cut! Lol

 For more photos by Es, check out:
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